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Online Cantonese Music Class in Autumn Term soon.

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Here's what parents say about the Cantonese Music Summer Camp 2020.

We had our first online Cantonese music summer camp in August 2020. 

See what people say about us...

J. A. - London, U.K.

I had been trying to find fun ways to teach my daughter Cantonese since birth but struggle to and came across Dorothy Locy’s music classes during lockdown. They are creative and so much fun. She has a great approach with the kids and they all seem to adore her and look forward to every class. My daughter has learnt so much Cantonese vocabulary and started initiating conversations in Cantonese with us and her grandparents since her classes, which was beyond my expectations. Combined with Locy’s methods in teaching music in fun and creative ways, my daughter is singing and practicing all she learns everyday. These classes hit 2 birds with 1 stone and I can’t recommend them enough. You can see Dorothy’s passion and dedication that she puts in every class.

Grace (USA)

It doesn't get any better than Dorothy 老師. My kids (almost 2 and 4) were drawn to her engaging personality from the get go. Her original songs are catchy and easy to remember for reviewing between classes. The structure of her classes are well thought out. Great "Chinese classes" disguised as music classes, yet it is in fact substantial lessons on musicality in preparation for future instrument learning.