Original Cantonese Children Songs

《一盅兩件》 is one of the most popular songs in my class! Not only children but also parents love singing it. Thank you to my teaching partner, who is a brilliant Chinese teacher, Maggie Wong for creating these hilarious action with me. So much fun! The idea of the song is to introduce our Cantonese food culture 點心, alongside our unique colloquial Cantonese adjective: 軟腍腍 (jyun5 lam4 lam4), 香噴噴 (hoeng1 pan3 pan3), 黐立立 (ci1 lap6 lap6), 脆卜卜 (ceoi3 bok1 bok1), 滑捋捋 (waat6 lyut1 lyut1).

《呠呠呠》 is a song that I made for children who want to learn music and Cantonese. Children love colour and I found the rainbow system is a straight forward way to help them to understand the musical concept.