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Join Locy Lee for a creative selection of fun and educational sessions, bringing the joy of music, Cantonese learning and Chinese culture to your family this summer!  

Music Workshop (for children 3-7 years old)

10:00 - 10:40am / 5:00 - 5:40pm / 6:50 - 7:30pm BST

Day 1 - 10 Aug

Rhythmic Dim Sum (8 families max.)

We will be singing the dim sum song 一盅兩件》and learning the rhythm of the different dim sum. Also expect some fun rhythmic games to improve your children's sense of pulse! 

You will receive a set of printable material. 

Day 2 - 11 Aug

Story with Music and Movement 

We will be reading a very popular music story book《朱瑞福的游泳課》by 賴馬, accompanied by singing movements together! You may find the original Mandarin (Taiwan) Chinese here.

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Day 3 - 12 Aug

Introduction to Pentatonic Scale on the Piano (8 families max.)

A lot of classical Cantonese folk songs are in the Pentatonic scale (五聲音階). In this session you will be learning to play a popular Cantonese nursery rhyme 《何家公雞個家猜》by 韋然 with the children. We will be using colour codes and children will find it easy and fun to follow. In the session, I will be showing you how to play it on my piano and you will have time to try it on your piano or keyboard. It's for beginner!

Don't worry if you don't have a piano or keyboard, you may download a keyboard app on your device and it would work too! 

You will receive a set of printable material. 

Day 4 - 13 Aug

Singing Games (8 families max.)

Games are a such a great way for children to practice. We will be singing traditional children folk songs such as 《排排坐》and playing some exciting group games together! We will be looking at different fruits and focusing on their Cantonese tone (廣東話音調).

Please don't worry if your child is a bit shy about singing. Watching and listening are also a ways of participating, learning and enjoying music!

Circle Time + Music Appreciation and Arts & Crafts (for 2-7 years old)

11:00 - 11:30am / 6:00 - 6:30pm BST

Circle Time

We will be singing all the songs on Locy's YouTube Channel including 《齊齊揸火車》,《圓形圓咕碌》,《一盅兩件》 , 《拍吓郁吓扭扭吓》,《呠呠呠》,《小熊熊上太空》,《爸爸係邊度》,《白日夢》 and more!    

Music Appreciation and Arts & Crafts

After all the excitement we will then be listening to The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns. We will learn about the different animals whilst doing arts & crafts, including origami and colouring together. 

You will receive a set of printable material. 



4 days Workshop + Circle time + Music Appreciation and Arts & Crafts £60

Morning 10-10:40am & Afternoon 5-5:40pm workshops are all full.

We have open a new workshop time 6:45-7:25pm after the circle time + music appreciation.

4 days Circle Time + Music Appreciation and Arts & Crafts £15 

Single Day Workshop + Circle time + Music Appreciation and Arts & Crafts £ £18 

Single Day Circle Time + Music Appreciation and Arts & Crafts £5

*If you have two or more children, you will need to book each child individually for the Workshop. The Circle Time + Music Appreciation session can be a single booking for the whole family


Thanks for your booking! You will receive a confirmation email and invoice within few days.