COVID -19 update

I've now moved most of my lessons and classes online.

1. If you are interested in my Cantonese Music Programme. 

Please fill in the form and I will be in touch with you soon! For details please refer to this video or email me. 

2. Private and group lessons (Music and Cantonese) are fully booked at the moment, please drop me an email for more info or to join the waiting list. I prioritise students who would like to include music in their lesson.


3. Cantonese Classes - I teach through Little Panda Cantonese on Monday (am), Wednesday (am & pm) and Saturday (pm). Classes include singing, building vocabulary, games, writing (4-7yo) and story time.

4. Piano - I will be taking new beginners (between 3.5 - 6 yo) who wish to travel to my home in Surrey Quays, London SE16 after the lockdown.


Hi, I am Dorothy.

I am a Music teacher specialising in early years music education. I also run Cantonese music playgroups in London, U.K.

Locy is the pronunciation of teacher  老 (lou5)  師 (si1) in Cantonese. When I first started to teach non-native Cantonese children in London, I told them that I am the teacher Locy. But most of the kids thought Locy was my name and they started to call me Miss Locy or the teacher Locy.

So this is where my name comes from!

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