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Roundabout Cantonese Music

Roundabout Cantonese Music 氹氹轉音樂圈 is a new music curriculum that is developed by Dorothy (Locy Lee) and Eveline Yu.  Moving away from the traditional Cantonese nursery rhymes, we will explore using Cantonese in different genres of music.


In this program, our main focus is learning about music through Cantonese.  Each song is original - written with the child in mind.  We will choose lyrics and music that is easy to sing and fun to use in daily life.  We will challenge children with different rhythms and beats and different pitches to strengthen their tonal acquisition - after all, Cantonese is a tonal language!


We want families to have fun and take this opportunity to be silly with their little ones.  Come and join us in our new music program!


2022 Autumn Term

Roundabout Cantonese Music A - Sundays

Locy Lee 

Sept - 11, 18, 25

Oct - 2, 9, 16, 23


9:30-10:00am BST/GMT

Roundabout Cantonese Music B & C - Sundays

Co-teach: Locy Lee & Eveline (Rhythm'N'Rhyme)

Sept - 11, 18, 25

Oct - 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

4:15-4:45pm BST/GMT  

8:15-8:45am PDT/PST

11:15-11:45am EDT/EST


5:00-5:30pm BST/GMT  

9:00-9:30am PDT/PST

12:00-12:30pm EDT/EST


Total £54 (Class A) / £64 (Class B & C)

If you wish to pay in Canadian dollars, you could book through Rhythm'N'Rhyme Musical Adventure