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  • What’s the differences between LLMC & Roundabout Cantonese Music Class?
    LLMC is for children 3 – 8 years old. It is a progressive music class, learning Music in Cantonese. The programme is referenced by the Kodaly philosophy: emphasising on internalising music through singing and games, not only learning the theory but also experiencing the music itself. We also include musical story time and listening activities. There is a maximum of 10 children in each class. Roundabout Cantonese Music Class is for 0 – 6 years old with parents or carers, a class for the whole family. The curriculum is written by Eveline and Locy Lee, exploring wide range of music and looking into different instruments. We hope to create a fun Cantonese and music experience for the whole family! There is a maximum of 20 families in each class. There is no overlap between the two. Some families are joining both of them!
  • Music Bells?
    Music Bells are a very good start for young children to learn about pitch. Almost all songs that we cover in LLMC can be played on bells. Here is my recommendation: Percussion Plus Music Desk Bells Any brands will do as long as they are following the same colour code: Red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise (or light blue), dark blue, purple Also make sure the bells have a press or push function to ring the sound, not the hold and ring kind. These are much easier to play. Children love the bells because they are very satisfying to play! Providing a clear sound and it’s almost impossible to miss the hit. The rainbow colour makes everything so straightforward and attractive!
  • Piano keyboard?
    For Piano Workshop: I’d recommend you to get a full size keyboard (88 keys) with weighted keys. However, this is not essential for the classes. Here are some beginner’s models that I recommend: - Yamaha P45 / P125 - Casio CDP- S100 - Yamaha YDP-144 Arius Digital Piano We are hoping to learn to play the actual instrument – piano, not only the keyboard. The above models are imitating a real piano with weighted keys and have a nice quality of sound. If you are not sure you want to commit to a full size keyboard, Casio little keyboard would be a good choice to start with. They are suitable for the Do Re Mi Workshop. Little ones can still learn to find the notes on the keyboard, looking into musical patterns and play some easy songs before the serious journey. - Casio SA-46 32 Mini-Keys Keyboard For private piano lesson you will need a weighted piano keyboard or an acoustic piano.
  • Do you offer any Cantonese class?
    I offer private Cantonese group classes/ 1-1 lesson, including conversation games, songs and storytelling for children 3-8. You are welcome to form a group with other families and send me a message to get more information. I no longer teach writing.
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