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Find out more about COVID-19 Volunteering Project 送暖行動
吉 means luck in Chinese, we will be hosting Chinese New Year workshops on 11 and 12 Feb (年三十 & 年初一). All about 吉!

I’m super happy to invite two brilliant teachers that I admire so much to join me in this CNY workshop. This year we have organised the following:

- Sing a new CNY song about 大吉 composed by Locy Lee and have fun with rhythm.
- Join Miss Maggie to learn the story behind calligraphy and create your own 揮春 with the word 吉.
- Be prepared to watch an amazing Chinese dance performance by Miss May. She will also be teaching us some ‘吉’ dancing steps with a towel.

Join us to learn some Chinese tradition with your little ones and your families!
What you will need:
- Print out the material pack that we will be sending you before the workshop.
- Chinese ink & Chinese ink brushes (the alternatives would be watercolour and paint brushes)
- A small square towel (face towel/flannel) for dancing (preferred in bright colours)

All profit will be donated to the ‘送暖行動’ (COVID-19 Volunteering Project) organised by Chinese Association of Tower Hamlets, London, U.K
No upcoming events at the moment
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