What dose Locy mean?

Locy is the pronunciation of teacher  老 (lou5)  師 (si1) in Cantonese. When I first started to teach non-native Cantonese children in London, I told them that I am the teacher Locy. But most of the kids thought Locy was my name and they started to call me Miss Locy or Teacher Locy.

So this is where my name comes from!

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Locy  Lee


We teach



and piano

through an engaging and fun approach for children.

Autumn Term 2022 Schedule

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Online Classes

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Progressive Cantonese Music Classes for children 3-8 years, based on Kodály Philosophy. There is an optional addition of the Do Re Mi & Piano Workshops to these classes. 

In person meet up in London once to twice a term.

Group of 8-10: LLMC

Group of 6: Piano Workshop

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Sing & Speak

Song Based Learning. Learn and practice vocabulary & conversation through conversational and word recognition games. Make Cantonese learning fun and memorable! For children 2-7.

Group of 6-8 children

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Private Music & Cantonese Group 

Private LLMC or Sing & Speak Cantonese programme for children 3-8. You are welcome to form a group with other families and send me a message to get more information.

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Cantonese Music Circle designed for children 0-6 with their parents and careres. Create fun memories with your little ones!

20 families 

Original Cantonese Children Songs & YouTube Videos

I also make original Cantonese children songs and Youtube Videos for children to learn Cantonese and music!

You may find my songs on Spotify and iTunes. Please also check out my YouTube Channel and support me by subscribe to it! More new songs to come!

Past Events