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You may find the songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music and other platforms. 


Yummy Yummy 唱唱歌 (Digital Booklet Set A) includes 5 songs: 榴連偵探 Durian Detective, 一蚊一個 One Dollar Pineapples, 圓 dum dur 菠蘿包 Pineapple Bun, 蘿蔔糕巡遊 Turnip Cake Parade & Yummy Yummy 食雪糕 Yummy Yummy Ice Cream 


  • A set of lyric sheet with beautuful original illusrtaion created by Janice Lai (with Jyutping) 
  • Music scores with colouring pages
  • 8 flashcards with Jyutping


Please note, this is a digital product, you will recieve a PDF file.  

Yummy Yummy 唱唱歌 (Digital Booklet Set A)

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