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Do Re Mi Song Book Vol.1 is designed for beginners age 3-6. It includes 14 original Cantonese songs and 4 classic tunes for singing or playing with an instrument such as piano, keyboard, rainbow bells, toy piano or xylophone. 


  • 14 original Cantonese songs mp3 (with vocal) + 4 classics tunes 

  • 18 music scores (choice of with or without colour code)

  • Scores with lyrics and jyutping 

  • Backing tracks with different tempo (speed) for practice

  • Cut out 'Do Re Mi Ruler' for assisted playing 


For parents or single user license holders: You are permitted to use this song book set within your household only. Please do not distributed electronically.


For teacher license holders: You are welcome to use this set of material with your pupils in your lessons under your direct instruction.  

Locy Lee - Do Re Mi Song Book Vol.1 (Digital-Single User License)

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